Geotechnical Engineering Services


Open Pit and Underground Mining
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Geotechnical Assessment

Core logging, geophysical logging, face mapping, photogrammetry, risk assessment, prism monitoring analysis, geotechnical design recommendations.

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Numerical Modelling

2D and 3D geotechnical modelling to provide safe working area for mining operations and provision of mine design recommendations

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Feasibility Investigation

Collection of geotechnical data, assessment of geological, hydrogeological and structural data, derivation of material parameters.

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Ground Support

Ground support design according to underground geometry, rock mass properties, seismic parameters and structural geology.

About Us

Right Skills to Maintain Safe Working Area
We Combine Expertise with Sophisticated Modelling Capabilities

We have strong experience in challenging open pit projects in soft and hard rock. Our team of engineers provide rock engineering services for all stages of projects from pre-feasibility studies to operations. We have worked on various projects and provided geotechnical recommendations to mine planning, and ensure geotechnical residual risks are communicated to operations. We have a core capability in providing recommendations for the appropriate collection of geotechnical data reflecting the level of study, assessment of geological, hydrogeological and structural data to build a geotechnical model, derivation of material parameters from drilling, laboratory and reconciliation data for input into geotechnical models, communication of residual geotechnical risks to operations for management.

  • Limit Equlbrilum/Kinematic Analysis

  • Acoustic/Optical Televiewing Techniques

  • Remote Geotechnical Mapping

  • Reliable Data Collection